In the middle of Europe ... ante invests in CLT!

Another company in the Central European timber industry sets the course for the future. From now on, the ante Group produces CLT elements for walls and ceilings under the HBS Berga brand. The traditional company is taking the step to become a full-range supplier. Ante has been supplying its customers with products such as sawn timber, planed goods, KVH, glulam and CNC joinery for home and garden needs as well as ecological bio-electricity and pellets for 90 years.

Cross-laminated timber for modern wall and ceiling constructions form the perfect addition to the range of services. The decision to complete the entire product range with cross-laminated production for solid timber construction systems has matured in recent years.

Berga is only five kilometres away from the ante plant in Rottleberode, Saxony-Anhalt, which went into operation in 2007. Existing production halls available for the CLT production, CNC joinery, commissioning and storage with direct motorway a rail connection form the perfect infrastructure to locate a business.

When building the CLT line, the family-managed company based in Bromskirchen-Somplar in northern Hesse relies on the latest knowledge and technical standards. In mid-April the decision was made in favour of Ledinek as the main supplier. The decisive factor was our great experience with CLT technology. "We are convinced of the innovative approach and the coherent system concept", says ante managing director Jürgen Ante. This avoids unnecessary or problematic interfaces.

Ledinek will supply everything from the raw wood infeed to transporting the raw CLT elements to the sending machine or to the CNC machining centres - including the PC process control system "X-Lam Manager"!

When completed, HBS Berga CLT will be able to produce up to a capacity of more than 100,000 m³/A. Elements of up to 16m x 3.5m x 360mm are to be manufactured. The individual layers will be prepared with the Z-Press into single-layer glued wood panels, which promises airtightness and a higher capacity of pressing in X-Press.