Rollcase conveyor with side sweep lug chain

For boards and glulam laminations

Rollcase conveyors with side sweep lug chains are used wherever a fast redirection of the workpieces from longitudinal to transverse transport is required. This is done by means of an ending roller conveyors on which cross chains are mounted. These are connected with sweeping bars. In the best case with aluminium bars to keep the moving weight low.

The sweep chains have 2 to 4 fields depending on speed and longitudinal ending. The movement of the sweep chains from field to field is done with dynamically designed drives. Depending on the material flow of the system, boards or laminations must be aligned on the near end or fare end

For the near end alignment another field must be added to the last sweep chain, depending on speed and gap between pieces. Also, the length must be designed so that fast laminations have enough outlet distance to not hit hard on the end stop.