Horizontal and productive

Eurozink H 1500

Horizontal and productive

Single piece finger jointing system with high power cycle press for production of planks for log houses

This machine is perfectly suited for production lines designed for high output volume of timber with large cross sections. All components of the machine are well designed and robust, comprising a strong backbone for this excellent machine and ensuring a long life cycle even at high strains presented by enormous loads of heavy timber.


  • Horizontal joints
  • Single piece milling system
  • Individual clamping – very exact joint
  • Suitable for sawn timber
  • Random lengths up to 6 m
  • Big workpiece cross section
  • Strong hydraulic press
  • Contactless computer controlled glue application
  • Maximal productivity

Technical data

Eurozink H 1500  
Width 85 - 300 mm
Thickness 20 - 110 mm
Cycles 12 1/min
Typical capacity 1.500 m/h
Typical capacity
Feeding speed 36 m/min
Feeding speed
Diameter of finger cutters 260 mm
Diameter of finger cutters

Machine Models

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