Complete CLT production solutions

CLT production line in Japan

First complete CLT production from one supplier in Japan at Cypress Sunadaya Co., Ltd. We got the opportunity to supply a CLT production Turnkey solution.

The line just recently went into the production stage and will shortly start to supply the domestic market with CLT panels.

Showcase Sunadaya Japan

Complete CLT production factory

  1. Kontizink MH120-60 kN-S120 finger jointing line with capacity up to 120 pcs/min; 120 m/min
  2. Patented continuously operating chain press
  3. Flying cross-cut saw with capacity up to 15 cuts/min
  4. Pull off with dog strips and aligning roll track
  5. Glue curing storage
  6. ROTOLES 300 4V – KS 200 calibrating milling planer
  7. 3-storey storage for long lamellas
  8. X-CUT S350 a heavy duty powerful cross-cut saw
  9. Vacuum device with horizontal and vertical stroke
  10. Double vacuum stacking machine for preparation of packages before pressing 12m
  11. CLT glue applicator
  12. X-PRESS 12 - Patented CLT press


  • Up to 12 m x 3,05 m x 0,36 m panel size
  • Up to 22.500 m³/year
  • 45 m³ Shift production
  • High flexibility of production

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