Maximal productivity


Additional value for your production.

The MAXIPRESS is an excellent addition to your solid construction timber line or an optimal solution for starting a laminated timber business.

Cold press for straight laminated timber can be used for production of DUO- or TRIO-beams and glulam. The press has a small footprint and is mounted above the cross chain conveyors, therefore it requires a little space and can be easily integrated in automated production lines or provides an excellent possibility for upgrading an existing facility.

It is optimized for short loading and curing time, highly adaptable production of commissioning goods and high output when loaded to full volume.


  • Straight glulam, DUO and TRIO beams, blockhouse elements
  • Stepped batches
  • Small footprint
  • Motorized clamping
  • Pressure control
  • Short loading and curing time

Advantages of fast glue press

  • Fast cycle for commissioning goods
  • High output volume at full load
  • Highly adaptable production
  • Automated process

Technical data

Maxipress 1000  
Pressing width 120 - 1.050 mm
Pressing width
Lamination width 80 - 310 mm
Lamination width
Pressing lenght 4 - 16 m
Pressing lenght


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