Strong and compact

Eurozink Compact 800

Best finger jointing solution for small and medium sized productions with excellent availability factors. A strong machine for solid construction timber.

This very versatile finger jointing machine boasts a range of innovations. It has reinvented the sector of compact finger jointing machines and still remains its most technologically advanced representative. Strong side alignment, exact positionable feed and hydraulic milling stroke will provide advantages that no other machine can.

Setting of this fully PLC controlled finger jointing machine can be executed in the shortest time, supporting highly adaptable, customer oriented production.


  • Fast change of dimension
  • Small footprint
  • Fully automated machine setup
  • High pressing power
  • Highest productivity
  • Various glue application systems
  • Fixed guiding fence
  • Strong side pressure
  • All machining steps without reclamping
  • Fixed cross-cut saw

Benefits of fixed guiding fence

  • One side always aligned
  • No positioning for width
  • All the excess width is planed off on one side
  • Easy setting of finger joint cutters and glue applicator
  • Less required cutoff on the planer

Technical data

Eurozink Compact 800  
Width 75 - 330 mm
Thickness 20 - 180 mm
Cycles 6 1/min
Typical capacity 800 m/h
Typical capacity
Feeding speed 21 m/min
Feeding speed
Diameter of finger cutters 200 mm
Diameter of finger cutters

Machine Models


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