X-Lam Manager

Engineered Timber production control system

The Ledinek X-LAM Manager is a production control system, specifically designed for the management and control of production orders on a LEDINEK production facility for mass timber.
Solid finger jointed timber (KVH), Glulam (GLT) and cross laminated timber (CLT).
Depending on the layout of the facility and the machines used, the X-LAM Manager is configured and customized to meet the specific needs of the customer.

The Ledinek X-LAM Manager is a production control system created specifically for overseeing and managing production orders within an engineered timber production line.
X-Lam Manager efficiently handles and records every step of the production process, starting from the raw material's entry to the completion of the final product.

X-LAM Manager was designed for a server-client principle and can be used extremely flexibly in the production plant with its touch screen clients.
The production orders can be tracked directly in the centralized control room or on side on the plant, and the operators are always provided with an extensive and clear overview of upcoming, ongoing and completed production orders.

The system, with its easy-to-use and intuitive user menus, has been specifically designed for purposeful control and monitoring of the production line and consists of the following features.


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