Extra wide

Superles 3000

Extra wide beam planing machine for engineered wood beams for straight or curved glue members and other extra wide products.
The maximum planing width is 3,000 mm and the planing height goes up to 610 mm!

Excellent surface quality even for the largest dimensions.
The SUPERLES is a premium wide planer built for perfect planing for a long time and with the unique and innovative LEDINEK technology interchangeable shafts and super-heavy frame.

This means that both very wide and curved object beams can be planed.
Block gluing for columns can be planed up to a height of 610 mm.


  • Heavy frame 56.500 kg
  • Large lifting and clamping system for the top part
  • Robust and powerful feeding rollers
  • Strong top pressure.
  • Exchangeable shafts mounted on rails can be driven out of the machine
  • Easy exchange of tools with bearings
  • Vertical floating spindles with locked or copying function
  • Horisontal shaft oscillation is optionally available

Technical data

Superles 3000  
Width 3.000 mm
Thickness 50 - 600 mm
Feeding speed 5 - 20 m/min
Feeding speed
Diameter of cutterheads 250 mm
Diameter of cutterheads
Diameter of feeding rollers 310 mm
Diameter of feeding rollers

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