Complete CLT production solutions

1st CLT production plant in Russia for Segezha Group

The Segezha Group from Russia has invested in a complete CLT production facility to expand its mass timber production capacity. The company’s new facility - Sokol CLT will produce CLT panels in a wide  range of sizes and surface finishes. The production line is being installed in a completely renovated existing facility near Vologda.

The line integrates 2 newly developed Z-Press to produce superior longitudinal and cross orientated edge-glued panels, next to Ledinek’s standard machines like the X-Cut, Kontizink, Multiplan and X-Press. The maximum size of the CLT panels the factory will produce is 16 m x 3,5 m x 0,36 m. The panels have the option to be length or cross sanded on both sides for an enhanced visual finish. A state-of-the-art CNC joinery machine is used to mill and cut the ready pressed and sanded CLT elements. This will be the first complete turnkey CLT line delivered to Russia.

The entire CLT production line is controlled with the X-Lam Manager, a PC-based master computer system developed by Ledinek Engineering that provides production management, production flow control and visualization, statistics, real-time information and production analysis tools.

Company: Sokol CLT (member of the holding Segezha Group)
Location: Sokol / Russia
Project owner, vice president of Segezha Group: Dmitry Rudenko
CEO of Sokol CLT: Konstantin Pastukhov
Employees: 50
Species: Spruce, pine
Operators: 5+2
Production capacity: 50.000 m³ / y

Turnkey CLT production

1. Vacuum de-stacking device with horizontal and vertical move
2. Non-contact moisture meter in cross transport with reject gate
3. Cup recognition in cross transport with turning device
4. MULTIPLAN 4V-S200 4 side pre-planer
5. Manual defect marking station - 2 pieces
6. X-CUT S400 cross-cut saw to remove timber defects
7. KONTIZINK LH-S80 horizontal finger jointing machine with capacity up to 40 pcs/min; 80 m/min
8. 8 - level finger joint curing storage after finger jointer
9. MULTIPLAN 5V-S250 planer for laminations for high speed and perfect finish
10. X-CUT S400 cross-cut saw for cross layer lamination cutting
11. Z-Press 3,5 Hot-melt edge gluing press for fast cross layer assembly bonding
12. Z-Press 16 Hot-melt edge gluing press for longitudinal layer assembly bonding
13. Vacuum for cross layer and longitudinal layer preparing packages before pressing
14. Oest CNC controlled PUR (1 component polyurethane) glue application system
15. X-Press 16 cross laminated timber press with up to 0,8 N/mm² pressure
16. Longitudinal CLT panel push off unit with outfeed conveyor
17. Longitudinal & Cross belt Sanding machine Top/Bottom
18. CLT panel turning station for visual inspection and quality control
19. CNC joinery machine for CLT panel cutting and milling
20. Conveyor system to storage and logistic area


  • Up to 16 m x 3,5 m x 0,36 m panel size
  • Production capacity up to 50.000 m³/year
  • 70 m³ Shift production
  • PUR glue used for higher capacity
  • High flexibility of the CLT production process
  • Totall installed power: app. 2.000 kW
  • Dust extraction capacity app. 100.000 m³/h
  • Recommended hall: 200 m x 52 m x 9 m


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