Complete CLT production solutions

Complete CLT production line for S.A.S. Piveteau Bois in France

S.A.S. Piveteau Bois from Sainte Florence has invested in a new industrial production for large format cross laminated timber panels. The line is in commissioning stage and will shortly start to supply the domestic market with high quality CLT panels. Company Ledinek got the opportunity to supply a complete Turnkey CLT production.

All machines are interfaced with the new developed X-Lam manager by Ledinek, a PC based master computer system for  production management, production flow control and visualization, statistics, instant information’s and production analysis tools.

A new Turn-key solution for a CLT production out of one hand.

Company: S.A.S. Piveteau Bois
Location: Sainte Florence / France
Executive Director: Jean Piveteau
Employees: 1000
Species: Douglas pine and spruce
Production capacity: 70,000 m³ / y

Turnkey CLT production

  1. Vacuum de-stacking of 4 different timber qualities
  2. Moisture meter, reject gate
  3. Scanner
  4. X-CUT cross-cut saw to remove timber defects
  5. Infeed system to finger jointing machine
  6. KONTIZINK L-S120 finger jointing line with capacity up to 80 pcs/min; 120 m/min
  7. Multi tray curing storage with lug chains
  8. SUPERPLAN 6VR-S300 planer for laminations for high speed and perfect finish
  9. Multi tray storage for longitudinal laminations
  10. X-CUT cross-cut saw for cross laminations
  11. In-feed to Multi tray storage for cross laminations
  12. Edge gluing device for cross layers
  13. Multi tray storage (6 trays) for cross laminations
  14. Vakuum layer assembly unit
  15. CNC controlled PUR (1 component polyurethane) glue application unit
  16. Solid fast movable PE coated table for billet assembly
  17. X-PRESS 16 - cross laminated timber press with up to 0,8 N/mm² pressure
  18. Transverse CLT panel push off unit
  19. CLT Line Layout
  20. CLT Line Layout


  • Up to 16 m x 3,6 m x 0,36 m panel size
  • Production capacity up to 70.000 m³/year
  • 100 m³ Shift production
  • Highly flexibility of the production

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