Fast is exciting.

Stratoplan S1200

Fast is exciting. And the STRATOPLAN S1200 by Ledinek is fast, very fast.

An ultra-high speed planer for highest feeding speed and productivity. This exceptional planer was developed with a focus on fast retooling and setup, low downtime and low maintenance. It is most suitable for processing of lumber and lamella under the most demanding conditions; wherever very large volumes have to be machined in a short time.

Everything about this machine revolves around speed, and everything is optimised for high speed feeding: big tools with the maximum number of planer knives, large feed rollers with a special cog and an elaborate transmission system that has to manage the immense power, cooled table plates, pressure shoes and guide fences and high-tech coating.

The materials must stand the rugged test of time. Therefore, the Stratoplan is always heavy and tough, built with portal design, with additional lifting columns and much reserve. The number of components has been reduced and their maintenance simplified.

A lot can do a lot.

Therefore, it has a lot of motor power to start with and also produces a lot, namely mountains of timber. And all of the motor power is used to its fullest, with the exclusive LEDINEK direct drive that yields up to 5% more power at the cutterhead, compared to belt drive. And you can save not only on energy but material also, thanks to the thickness/thickness planing. Since only excess material is planed off twice, minimal thickness after drying is always preserved for further processing.

The procedures around the machine must also be quick. 

The dimension settings are therefore carried out automatically, and tools with an exchangeable shaft system can be replaced quickly and safely. Production is what counts, and the STRATOPLAN produces continuously. A fast system is effective and produces goods with the lowest production costs.

Technical data

Stratoplan S1200  
Width 60 - 310 mm
Thickness 19 - 130 mm
Diameter of cutterheads 405 mm
Diameter of cutterheads
Diameter of feeding rollers 400 mm
Diameter of feeding rollers
Feeding speed 900 / 1.200 m/min
Feeding speed

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