Extra wide

Superles 2300 / 2600

Extra wide beam planers for straight or curved glulam and any other extra wide engineered products.

Excellent surface finish also for largest dimensions. Because, in the end, it is a SUPERLES, a premium wide beam planer. Built to perform and to last, with unique and innovative LEDINEK heavy duty tooling system and heavy frame.


  • Heavy frame
  • Large lifting and clamping system for the top part
  • Robust and powerful feeding rollers
  • Strong top pressure.
  • Exchangeable shafts mounted on rails can be driven out of the machine
  • Easy exchange of tools with bearings
  • Motorized turntable
  • Vertical floating spindles with locked or copying function

Technical data

Superles 2300 / 2600  
Width 2.300 / 2.600 mm
Thickness 50 - 400 mm
Diameter of cutterheads 200 mm
Diameter of cutterheads
Diameter of feeding rollers 240 mm
Diameter of feeding rollers
Feeding speed 5 - 20 m/min
Feeding speed

Machine Models