Complete laminated timber lines

Turnkey glue laminated timber solutions

Our own wide production portfolio is the start for designing a glulam beam production line from small to big capacity, for curved or straight beams, for manual or fully automated production.

We use our own designed and built planers, finger jointing lines, beam presses and handling equipment.

What we don't have will be sourced from selected suppliers. Everything is connected with our own control solution, tailored to your request and type of production.

Everything from planer to press to handling equipment from one supplier

Since we execute all steps of the project from layout, construction, manufacturing, installation, software to startup and commissioning, we are able to provide equipment with maximum yield for lowest investment cost.

Typical processing steps in production of glulam:

  • Destacking
  • Preplaning
  • Dimension metering
  • Moisture metering with reject gate
  • Defect marking and quality grade sorting
  • Quality grade storage
  • Defect cross-cut saw
  • Finger jointing line
  • Laminations storage
  • Planer for laminations
  • Application of glue
  • Stacking device for packages before pressing
  • Glulam beam press
  • Horizontal split-band saw
  • Repair station
  • Beam cross-cut saw
  • Beam planer
  • Stacking station
  • Package wrapping
  • Storage of finished products