Innovations and awards

Wood evolution through innovation 

Since our establishment in 1908 we have made great strides from craft work to conquering global markets with own high tech solutions and innovative products. Our engineering department is in constant search of better technologies, more effective machines and processes that meet individual needs and the requirements of changing global market. 

The result of our extensive knowledge, testing of several prototypes, data analysis and 100 years of passion for innovation are our patents and top products. Thanks to collaboration with research institutes and science organisations, the fruits of our work have a global impact on the whole of the wood industry. 

Top Innovations

Highest Creditworthiness Rating

LEDINEK ENGINEERING was awarded Creditworthiness Rating AAA Certificate.

Proven quality

As acknowledgment of our work we have received awards for best innovator and best supplier in the woodworking industry. Since 2004 the guarantee of quality of our products and processes has been the world recognized ISO certification.

Our awards


At the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta (USA) in 1994, Ledinek won the prestigious Challenger award for its innovation in the field of woodworking, the Rotoles system. The IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award is a world well known award for recognizing outstanding companies who have distinguished themselves by developing innovative technology in products, services, or manufacturing techniques that will advance the industry.


Editors of Holzkurier chose the Ledinek company twice for the exhibitor of the year. 

»Due to its inventiveness, the Ledinek company became the timber industry exhibitor of the year 1999 and 2004 chosen by Holzkurier«   Source: Holzkurier, 29.4.2004, page 20


In September 2013 at Annual Innovation day, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded the Ledinek company the Gold Award INNOVATION 2012 for its innovation under the name automatic press for cross lamination of solid timber pieces.

The Award for the best innovations in previous year is a well-known national award for innovative companies and innovators in which participate the national Chamber of Commerce and all regional chambers.

Best Companies in the Podravska Region Awards