Glulam allrounder

Allround GLT manufacturing line for F.P.H.U. ODNOVA in Poland

A universal LEDINEK fingerjointing and glulam production line offers the family owned company Odnova from Spytkowice, Poland a perfect tool to serve the local and international markets with complete range of customized solid timber products. All necessary production steps, served by 2 to 3 operators, were realized on a smallest footprint. An integrated automatic grading machine allows production of higher strenght class products for demanding projects.

Company: F.P.H.U „ ODNOVA” Jacek Smętek

Location: Spytkowice / Poland

Species: spruce, larch

Production capacity: 10.000 m3/y - glulam beams and fingerjointed solid constructional timber in 1 shift operation


  • 1.700 m2 production space
  • automatic strength grading
  • sorting station for 3 qualities
  • 2 level storage
  • PUR glue
  • fingerjointed solid timber, DUO-TRIO, glulam

Turnkey GLT production with sorting

  1. Vacuum destacker
  2. Moisture meter
  3. Automatic strength grading
  4. Sorting and marking station
  5. Automatic reject gate
  6. Good length measuring device
  7. 2 automatic sorting places
  8. Automatic feeding of sorted and marked products
  9. Defect cutting saw X-CUT
  10. Infeed to fingerjointing machine
  11. EUROZINK Compact 6-400kN fingerjointing machine
  12. 2 level storage
  13. Infeed conveyor for planer
  14. EUROPLAN 400 6V+4F planer
  15. Planer outfeed
  16. Automatic stacking machine
  17. Package outfeed for wrapping
  18. Press infeed with turning device
  19. OEST glue applicator for PUR glue
  20. GIGAPRESS vertical press for cold gluing of laminated beams