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For the same product but with lower investment cost. This press is especially suitable for enterprises with very variable production, which requires the press to be able to produce the entire range of products, although with more labour input and reduced turnaround.

This press can produce straight or curved laminated beams, blockhouse- or ceiling elements, narrow, extra wide, cambered or stepped beams. Pillars are positioned manually, clamped to a correct angle. Hydraulic tightener is mounted on tracks. Press uses unique super fast locking and unlocking system.


  • Straight or curved beams
  • Angle rotated pillars
  • Multiple beams per batch
  • Hydraulic tightener
  • Extra fast unlocking system – do it in a hartbeat

Extra fast unlocking system

Special unlocking system of the Hyperpress requires no additional specialized equipment to release the pressure. A hammer is all you need.

It is the fastest available systems and will considerably speed up the unloading of the press and thus increase its capacity.

Technical data

Pressing width 100 - 4.200 mm
Pressing width
Lamination width 100 - 300 mm
Lamination width
Pressing lenght 50 m
Pressing lenght

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