What are cookies and what are they used for 

Cookies are used by most websites to improve the user experience and to monitor traffic. They are a convenient tool to continue to provide up-to-date and appropriate content according to the interests and preferences of their visitors.  

Cookies are small text files saved by the website on the user’s device (PC, tablet, smartphone). They are used by the website to remember the experience of the user (such as their language preferences and other settings) and enhance the usefulness of their next visit of the same website. 

Cookies do not save any personal or any personally identifiable data of the data subject. 

Cookies used by 

Cookies used for the operation of the website are not harmful for you or your device but only serve to facilitate a smooth performance and pleasant user experience on our website. 

Our website uses only so-called “essential” cookies technically required for the smooth performance of the operation and are enabled by default. Consent to their use is provided automatically since they do not collect any personal data. 

Cookie name
Cookie required to ensure safety and protection (it identifies false logins and prevents abuses of the registration/login system)
After 1 year 
Session cookie
At the end of the session