For every task

Europlan 300 / 400 / 600

A universal package for all applications. Powerful and robust with excellent functionality but also durable and easy to maintain.

Designed to be used for a variety of production processes, calibration of wet or dry timber and laminations, moulding of boards or profiling of beams, splitting or just planing and chamfering.

There is a EUROPLAN for every product: solid construction or laminated timber, fresh wood, kiln dried wood, timber with chamfered or eased edges, profiled logs for log houses, battens and slats or profiled boards.


  • Versatile and strong
  • 50 mm spindle diameter
  • All spindles equipped with support bearings
  • Hydro clamped cutterheads
  • Universal planing or profiling vertical units
  • with floating action
  • Separate floating chamfering units
  • Hard chromed table plates, rollers and lifting pillars
  • Hydraulic clamping
  • Siemens Profinet PLC control system
  • Compact form suitable for every environment

Technical data

Europlan 300 / 400 / 600  
Width 300 / 400 / 600 mm
Thickness 35 - 300 mm
Diameter of cutterheads 165 mm
Diameter of cutterheads
Diameter of feeding rollers 240 / 190 mm
Diameter of feeding rollers
Feeding speed 30 / 40 / 60 / 120 m/min
Feeding speed

Machine Models