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The HYPERPRESS is the most advanced press for production of large size curved laminated building elements. Its cleverly designed structural and processing solutions enable the easiest and quickest operation.

This press, though similar in looks, is different from any other curved glulam presses. It is suitable for narrow, wide, cambered or stepped laminated beams. From its beginning, no other product could offer all its advantages. Working with the press is easy, with automatic computer controlled positioning of pillars which are clamped to a correct angle, track mounted hydraulic tightener, automatic top pressure bridge and above all the unique super fast locking and unlocking screw.


  • Automatic setup of geometry
  • Angle rotated pillars
  • Multiple beams per batch
  • Hydraulic tightener
  • Extra-light press shoes
  • High repeatability of setup
  • Extra fast unlocking system – do it in a heartbeat

Advantage of automated positioning system

Computer controlled automatic positioning system enables excellent repeatability of the products. The manipulator will always position the pillars to exact length and rotate to exact angle.

Data transfer from the office is automated, press will be set to predetermined shape. The operator will only supervise the process, which considerably reduces the workload on the team.

Advantage of lighter press shoes

Our new lighter press shoes have been developed using latest 3D modelling and structural analysis software. Weight is reduced by 1/3 without compromising the structural integrity.

Pressing 4 pieces of 30 m long curved glulam requires lifting of 150 pressing shoes. By using the lighter press shoes, the required weight to be lifted in one pressing cycle is reduced for 800 kg!

Extra fast unlocking system

Special unlocking system of the Hyperpress requires no additional specialized equipment to release the pressure. A hammer is all you need.

It is the fastest available systems and will considerably speed up the unloading of the press and thus increase its capacity.

Technical data

Pressing width 100 - 4.200 mm
Pressing width
Lamination width 100 - 300 mm
Lamination width
Pressing lenght 50 m
Pressing lenght

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