Perfect setup

Zoller tool pre-setter

High Precision Spindle ISO 50

Concentricity 0.002 mm (0.000079"), spindle brake, 4 x 90° spindle stop

Autofocus CNC drive in C-Axis

for user- independent focusing of the cutting edge and automatic measuring of multi-insert tools

Tool length Z: max. 400 mm
Tool diameter D: 
max. 420 mm
Tool weight: max. 50 kg


  • Industrial computer with operating system Windows 64-bit.
  • Keyboard English / USA
  • Tray for keyboard and mouse/pad
  • Language Dialog English / German
  • User Manual German
  • Adapter Board
  • Laser Printer Board
  • Color laser printer for lists and graphics
  • Unit Default functions »pilot 2 mT« modern user control interface included.

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