High performance


High frequency laminated timber press

High performer on the smallest footprint

High frequency hot press for straight glulam. Not many laminated beam presses can outmatch the capacity performance of this well utilized HF-PRESS. It is especially suitable for production of standardized goods in high volumes.

A rigid strong frame from specially manufactured extra thick steel I-beams forms the main structure of this extra heavy press. High frequency power is produced in a modern state of the art triode, trimmed specially for use on wooden laminations. Press and top force is applied by a strong hydraulic unit and high frequency resistant hydraulic cylinders. Locking of the pressure beams to the hydraulic units is made with a special form clamp, eliminating the need to manually pin the beams. A high frequency press presents a most cost efficient solution for production of high volume of goods, when used on sites with own power source.


  • High volume straight glulam press
  • High frequency heated press
  • Long open – short curing time
  • Extra heavy frame from specially manufactured I-beams
  • Form clamp for pressure beams
  • Hydraulic pressing
  • Curing of glue with input of heath to the glue joint

High frequency – How it works?

  • Dielectric heating of material with poor electrical conductivity
  • Independent of heat conductivity of the material
  • Selective heating of glue
  • Glue is cured without substantially heating the wood
  • Immediate response

Technical data

HF-Press 1300  
Pressing width 950 - 1.300 mm
Pressing width
Lamination width 80 - 250 mm
Lamination width
Pressing lenght 4,5 m
Pressing lenght

Technical data

HF-Press 2100  
Pressing width 1.800 - 2.150 mm
Pressing width
Lamination width 80 - 310 mm
Lamination width
Pressing lenght 6 m
Pressing lenght

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