Trendsetter and global innovator

Four companies are represented by the trademark LEDINEK: Ledinek Engineering d.o.o., Lestro Ledinek d.o.o., Ledinek Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH and Ledinek-TECH Vertriebs Gmbh. With a high level of multidisciplinary skills and knowledge, with our passion to invention and ingenious techniques, we shape the wooden world today. We take our own way to the top, we believe and trust in what we do. As experts in complex processing of massive wood, planing and profiling, finger jointing and engineered timber, we tackle the challenges of modern lifestyle and ensure the state-of-the-art technology of our products – from product design to delivery and installation. On the basis of our sporting spirit we never give up, but search for the best solution for each single customer.

Building on the long tradition of a family business, we are proud of the presence of our unique woodworking machines, complete lines and even plants complexes on all continents of the global market. The vision that we follow is to be a global innovator and trendsetter of wooden industry today and in the future.


Innovation has always been the prime motive behind our new machines. We dare to challenge the future. We are proud of this spirit of our engineers and bold enough to follow this path!


Be inspired to go faster, to go further, to break records. Again, … and again. This is the formula of winners. The new generation of Ledinek machines has the power and the quality to put you on top! 


Our machines are built to last longer, to perform with ease under toughest conditions. A load too heavy will break a weak link, therefore we give our machines a strong backbone which will not allow them to fail!