Edge glue press

Edge gluing press with hot-melt for fast assembly bonding of solid wood laminations.
Multiple widths or continuous single-layer panels are produced from edge glued laminations.
Such pre-assembled single layer panels can be used in the advanced and high-capacity production of CLT or other similar products.

The game changer in modern CLT production.

Already at a major CLT project in Germany 2 times in use.
Further CLT plants with Z-Press are in the realization phase for Russia, Austria and Canada.


Main advantages by using edge glued panels in CLT production

Features of the Z-PRESS:

  • Fast assembly bonding with easy to handle hot-melt
  • All time guidance of crooked, twisted or bend laminations
  • Flexible edge joint
  • Pressing pusher with Servo rack drives
  • On-demand edge gluing startup
  • Automated filling and emptying of the press
  • Quick and automated dimension change
  • Easy applicator maintenance and simple glue storage

Technical data

Lamination width 100 - 250 mm
Lamination width
Lamination thickness 20 - 45 mm
Lamination thickness
Pressing lenght 8 - 18 m
Pressing lenght

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