Driving Growth through Strategic Investments and Strong Partnership

In the middle of June, our long-standing partner Mayr-Melnhof Holz opened their new factory at the headquarters in Leoben, facilitating thus a modern CLT production including a spacious high-bay storage and a sorting plant. An important milestone for Ledinek as well, since the heart of the extensive construction measures was the new CLT plant, for which Ledinek was responsible as the main supplier.

As soon as the new plant in Leoben is fully up and running, MMH will become one of the largest global CLT producers. Together with the production line in Gaishorn, the company now has an installed production capacity of over 200.000 m3. According to Holzkurier surveys, this puts the company in the top 4 of the world's largest producers (source Holzkurier). On this occasion, we asked DI Richard Stralz, CEO MMH for a short interview.

Ledinek: How does this historic wood processing industry project fit into your MMH strategy and vision, and what long-term impact do you expect?
Hr. Stralz: We are consistently pursuing our growth strategy and this includes investments in new production facilities at our sites as well as acquisitions.

Ledinek: What key factors contributed to the successful implementation of this project and how did you deal with any challenges along the way?
Hr. Stralz: The willingness of our owner to invest, a motivated project team, good partnerships with our suppliers, consistent pursuit of solutions on all sides, the cooperative pooling of experience, fulfilling of what has been agreed. Yes, and the will to create something great together. In the current phase of commissioning, which will still take some time, cooperation, perseverance, solution orientation are of course still absolutely necessary.

Ledinek: What role did the partnership with Ledinek play in this project and what advantages did you see in our partnership?
Hr. Stralz: Ledinek is a long-standing supplier and partner of Mayr-Melnhof Holz, we have already successfully implemented very many joint projects. The product portfolio and the constant striving for further development, the improvement of the products combined with the experience from many large projects, were particularly important for us, as was Ledinek's physical proximity to Leoben. An important point for such a large-scale project.

Ledinek: I believe that you were satisfied with our performance in this project. Is there anything you would like to highlight as a particular added value in our cooperation?
Hr. Stralz: Really fully committed employees who had only one goal from the beginning: the successful commissioning of the plants and the fulfilment of the agreed performance figures, and of course the full backing of Gregor Ledinek.