Complete CLT production line for Schilliger Holz AG in France

The construction of wooden buildings is booming not only in Switzerland, but also in France and around the world. The demand for CLT large format panels has increased accordingly. In order to satisfy this demand in France and in the international export markets with domestic wood, Schilliger Holz AG is investing in an automated CLT production line in Volgelsheim.

The order for the entire production line was placed with Ledinek. At the Volgelsheim location, the new production line will go into operation in the third quarter of 2023. The production capacity will be around 100 m³ per shift or 50,000 m³ / year in two-shift operation.

Decisive for the award to Ledinek was the many years of experience with CLT systems. Thanks to its extensive machine portfolio, Ledinek is really the only full-range supplier in this area. This avoids unnecessary or problematic interfaces by default.

When selecting the supplier for the CLT line, the owner-managed family company relies on the latest findings and technical standards.

"We were won over by the performance of individual main machines, the innovative approach and the coherent system concept," says owner and managing director Ernest Schilliger.

Ledinek will also implement new concepts with this system that are unique to date. This is achieved by further developing the existing machines. However, more information will only be given after commissioning.

The line consists of a quality sorting system with a planer and scanner, as well as 2 stacking machines for different qualities. The goods prepared in this way can be supplied to CLT production either directly or via the warehouse.

Fast vacuum destacking, the X-Cut cross-cut saw and the powerful Kontizink 2500 finger-jointing cycle system deliver up to 20,000 lm of lamellas per shift. This is followed by a generously dimensioned curing warehouse, a SUPERPLAN S400 lamella planer and the innovative Z-Press 16 joint gluing system for the production of pre-glued single-layer panels for lengthways layers.

The transverse layers are supplied by a Z-Press CL which, through external tasks, allows the system's performance to be increased further. Large plate buffers for lengthways and crosswise layers give the system the flexibility it needs to be able to produce batch size 1 without any loss of performance. After the 26-fold review of the X-Press 16, it goes to the grinding machine and on to the CNC-s. Due to its flexibility, the line is also designed for the production of KVH.

The entire system is controlled by the master computer "X-Lam Manager", which exchanges data with the in-house ERP.