The CLT project at ante-holz successfully put into operation

At Ledinek we are proud to have successfully completed our up to now largest project

The ability to manufacture and deliver complete systems for the entire CLT project and, of course, the many years of experience along with proven solutions were decisive in ante-holz entrusting the manufacture and assembly of the entire CLT plant to Ledinek.

Hubert Teufel, Plant Manager and Project Manager HBS Berga:

"At Ledinek, the production of the most important machines is available as an overall concept for CLT production and has been tried and tested in practice. All machines for the production of CLT built by Ledinek are state of the art, and very robust and efficient".

From the signing of the contract in April 2020 to the completion of the project in February 2022, we found ourselves in a time of global health crisis and in extraordinary circumstances to which we had to adapt quickly and continuously. With a lot of personal effort and very good cooperation and communication with the customer, we managed to fulfil our contractual obligations within the set deadlines, which we are particularly proud of. The first CLT panel was manufactured by the customer in July 2021, since then the line has been optimized for production and employee training has been carried out. The annual capacity of the line is 100,000 m³ CLT panels.

"Since all the machines are from Ledinek, the construction process was carried out quickly and was very well planned as were well planned some individual areas already during the construction phase, so that in the end the entire production line, which is very complex and large, could be put into operation on schedule."

Also, Ledinek always found solutions when an unpredictable situation occurred during assembly. And everything worked, even though the assembly took place under difficult conditions. The project was carried out in a spirit of partnership, with very good cooperation," said Hubert Teufel and explained that this investment puts ante-holz in a very good position for the future in the production of CLT, so they can optimally fulfill conditions required by the market for a CLT product.

"We would like to thank the entire team at Ledinek for their excellent work, which contributed to the success of the project, and wish to continue a good business relationship with the Ledinek company.”

At Ledinek, we would also like to thank the company ante-holz for the trust they have shown and wish them every success with the new investment.