Talking to Dimitry Rudenko

During Ligna in Hannover we spoke on our Stand to Mr. Dimitry Rudenko, Vice President of Segezha Group, a Russian wood processing group with the largest vertically-integrated structure and a full cycle of lumbering and wood substantial transformation. The holding includes both Russian and European timber, woodworking, pulp and paper industry enterprises, as well as paper packaging production enterprises. The Segezha Group’s assets are located in 12 countries.

LEDINEK: Again, you ordered from Ledinek machines and equipment for your last project. For the first time, it was a finger jointing line, this time we will manufacture a complete CLT line for the production of cross laminated timber. Why exactly did you decide for Ledinek's equipment and what was the key reason for your decision?

MR. RUDENKO: We decided on Ledinek's equipment for several reasons. We have heard a lot about the woodworking machinery manufacturer Ledinek, and we also gathered information about you from other companies, both Russian and European and we received good, positive information about you. We have been in contact with Ledinek for about a year and a half before signing the contract. As a manufacturer of machines and equipment for the production of CLT panels, Ledinek was extremely interesting for us, especially in technical terms, and somehow, we felt comfortable when we worked together with your representatives and sellers.

Of course, we were at the same time in contact with to two, three other suppliers, but in the end, we decided for you, as I said, several factors were decisive.

LEDINEK: Where do you see your future CLT market and what are your estimations of it?

MR. RUDENKO: CLT products will be primarily sold on the domestic market, but caution is always needed, we must also search for markets outside the borders of Russia. We have been thinking to developt a real estate market. First, we are planning to build two wooden multi-storey buildings in Moscow, one office and one apartment building in order to initiate activities for approval and definition of construction of multi - storey wooden buildings in Russia. The project will be implemented in cooperation with Etalon group who will act as a construction contractor and the Segezha Group will supply materials and take part in the development of solutions regarding construction and design. Also, we have been working together with the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation which is responsible for standardization of such buildings.

LEDINEK: What does the investment in Sokolov mean for you?

MR. RUDENKO: In Russia, interest in building multi-storey houses from CLT plates has greatly increased, but it is necessary to prepare legal and expert documentation and standards for the regulation of this area in order to obtain useful permits for these buildings. With the launch of new CLT technology, we will surely witness CLT houses in Russia, and before installing the equipment in Sokolov, we are expanding and renovating our production facilities in Sokolov.

LEDINEK: Mr. Rudenko, thank you very much for the interview and we wish you a lot of success with your new investment.