Kontizink HM

High capacity continuous single piece finger jointing system for boards of medium length and smaller cross sections. Continuous joints or shoulder joints possible. Efficient and productive line for jointed boards of best quality.

This line is especially suitable for production of edge jointed boards from lower grade timber. Due to high feed rate and continuous through feed press, high capacity can also be achieved with boards of shorter lengths, which makes the line especially suitable for integration into optimizing lines. The single piece milling is insensitive to random lengths.


  • For random lengths from 350 mm up to 3.000 mm (1 to 10 foot)
  • High piece rate
  • High speed
  • Continuous cycle without stops
  • Single piece finger milling system
  • Milling tools with large diameter
  • Various glue systems possible
  • Chain press with the patented KONTIZINK pressure build-up system
  • Flying cross-cut saw

Benefits of the through feed chain press:

  • Continuous operation without stops
  • Strong hydraulic pressing force system
  • Instantly variable feeding speed
  • Patented recuperation of excess power through mechanical geared bond between the input and output chain

Technical data

Kontizink HM  
Width 60 - 150 mm
Thickness 18 - 45 mm
Cycles 120, 60 1/min
Typical capacity 4.000, 3.000 m/h
Typical capacity
Feeding speed 120, 80 m/min
Feeding speed
Diameter of finger cutters 350 mm
Diameter of finger cutters

Machine Models


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