"Ledinek's Milestone: Cutting-Edge Machinery En Route to Smartlam's AL Plant"

We are thrilled to announce that the initial shipments containing the state-of-the-art equipment for Smartlam's brand-new GLT production facility have left our manufacturing site in Hoče en route to the Port of Savannah.
This marks the beginning of a major machinery delivery for the Smartlam project in Dothan, Alabama, which is projected to span the next five months. The automated plant, which will be designed, fabricated, installed, and commissioned by Ledinek, including staff training, comprises an array of our cutting-edge machines. Notably, these include the high-speed continuous finger jointing system Kontizink H 4000, the groundbreaking edge glue press Z-Press 18, our swiftest pressing solution for glulam production, the Rotopress, as well as planers such as Superles, Stratoplan, and more.

In January of the upcoming year, the initial installation team will kick off their on-site work, and we eagerly await the project's progression as we witness the inception of the very first Ledinek plant in the United States.