Time flies

Commentary by Gregor Ledinek, managing director at Ledinek Engineering

It almost seems like the biennial rhythm from one Ligna to the next is getting shorter.

There are more and more projects and tasks that have to be taken care of within those two years. This time, we made a somewhat bigger step with regards to cross-laminated timber systems: A huge jump in the direction of complete systems. Our team installed and launched several systems all over the world which are now successfully producing.

What has become apparent at Ledinek over the past years is the trend towards complete solutions because this is also what customers want. The systems have a higher level of automation which is why it is necessary and the only logical reason to provide a one-stop service. In the meantime, we were able to supply many international markets. This brought us new reference customers on other continents. We hope that thanks to our installations we will increasingly work internationally and expand our business relations.

As for the Ligna in Hannover, we hope to welcome many visitors and be in touch with a lot of existing as well as new prospective customers. Together with investors we want to work on solutions for the challenges of different markets and products and we hope to be invited to negotiations for further investments in the upcoming years.