Speed, versatility and yield

Kontizink M

High speed, versatility and best yield 

High speed single piece continuous milling and pressing system for boards of medium length and cross sections. This line is especially suitable for processing plantation timber but can also be used with success for any other optimisation where shorter board lengths are required.

The KONTIZINK M jointing line builds on our long experience with continuous single-board jointing. The line is designed to produce boards and laminations from middle-length work pieces. The unique single-board milling machine for vertical finger jointing produces the most accurate jointing profile and the continuous through feed press ensures the highest productivity.


  • For random lengths from 350 mm up to 3.000 mm (1 to 10 foot)
  • High piece rate
  • High speed
  • Continuous cycle without stops
  • Single piece vertical finger milling system
  • Milling tools with large diameter
  • Various glue systems possible
  • Chain press with the patented KONTIZINK pressure buildup system
  • Flying cross-cut saw

Benefits of the single piece vertical finger milling system:

  • Excellent alignment of finger joints
  • Every workpiece is independently aligned against reference surface
  • No addition of thickness deformations in the package
  • Uniform application of glue on every workpiece
  • Insensitive to the variable lengths of the workpieces

Technical data

Kontizink M  
Width 60 - 150 mm
Thickness 18 - 45 mm
Cycles 120, 60 1/min
Typical capacity 4.000, 3.000 m/h
Typical capacity
Feeding speed 120, 80 m/min
Feeding speed
Diameter of finger cutters 350 mm
Diameter of finger cutters

Machine Models

Virtual tour 360°

Kontizink M

A virtual tour around the Kontizink finger jointing machine



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