Innovative and productive

Kontizink 20

Innovative production with the most important benefits of the KONTIZINK line. Excellent finger joint quality and high productivity.

Effective production also requires an effective machine, tailored to the requirements of an expanding enterprise. This machine is exactly that: everything what is necessary.

A high capacity single vertical finger milling system, assembly track and powerful but fast hydraulic press. All proven components providing highest output in the most efficient way.


  • For random lengths up to 6 m
  • High capacity
  • High power
  • Slow milling cycle
  • Single piece vertical finger milling system
  • Separate melamine glue application
  • Hydraulic press
  • Positioned cross-cut saw

Benefits of the single piece vertical finger milling system:

  • Excellent alignment of finger joints
  • Every workpiece is independently aligned against reference surface
  • No addition of thickness deformations in the package
  • Uniform application of glue on every workpiece
  • Insensitive to the variable lengths of the workpieces

Technical data

Kontizink 20  
Width 85 - 310 mm
Thickness 25 - 80 mm
Diameter of finger cutters 260 mm
Diameter of finger cutters
Cycles 20 1/min
Feeding speed 72 m/min
Feeding speed

Machine Models

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