Power and versatility

Flexipress Column

The FLEXIPRESS COLUMN is a universal flat cold press with motorized setup and hydraulic pressing, that can easily adapt to changing requirements in production of individual or high volume goods. With the corresponding line it can produce columns up to 1300 x 600 mm up to 18 m / 30 m or longer.

The press can be used for production of straight laminated beams in a wide range of dimensions. It is fully automated for loading and unloading by driven manipulators. A build in side pressure system over the complete length makes the press fast in closing time to be used with fast PUR or MUF adhesives.

Multiple levels of stepped layers can be loaded in one batch, perfectly adapting to given requirements, either for versatility of the products or high capacity. Pressing shoes are positioned with motorized drive and actual pressing is performed by strong short stroke hydraulic cylinders, assuring short closing times and strong pressing force.


  • Glulam, DUO and TRIO beams, blockhouse- and ceiling elements
  • Multiple layers per batch
  • Stepped batches
  • Motorized positioning
  • Strong short stroke hydraulic pressing
  • Automatic pressure control and readjustment
  • Low consumption of energy
  • Independent sectors for variable usage of press length

Advantages of short stroke hydraulic cylinders

  • High power
  • Motorized prepositioning of pressing shoes
  • Usage of full press width
  • Short closing time
  • Lower amount of hydraulic fluid

Technical data

Pressing width 200 - 2.010 mm
Pressing width
Clamping height 100 - 650 mm
Clamping height
Pressing lenght 6 - 18 m
Pressing lenght


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