Joint with power

Kontizink 50

Champion of productivity and accuracy. High capacity continuous single piece vertical milling and pressing system for engineered timber laminations.

This high capacity vertical single milling finger jointing machine is the base for all our finger jointing solutions; a groundbreaking innovation that introduced single piece vertical finger milling and patented roller press in the range of high capacity finger jointing machines.

Clamping every board individually during milling, produces finger joints with a very accurate and uniform shape on all workpieces, resulting in less required cutoff and better yield. The continuous rubber roller press works without generating any friction heat; moreover, the excess braking power is mechanically recuperated. Each of our other finger jointing machine incorporates at least one of those ideas in its own design.


  • For random lengths up to 6 m
  • High capacity
  • High speed
  • Continuous cycle without stops
  • Single piece vertical finger milling system
  • Milling tools with large diameter
  • Separate melamine glue application
  • Roller press with power recuperation
  • Flying cross-cut saw

Benefits of the roller press:

  • Continuous operation without stops
  • Pressing occurs due to an arrangement of driven wheels, allowing a difference in speed and force
  • Less required motor power - works on principle of adhesion, no generation of heat due to friction
  • Patented recuperation of excess power through mechanical bond between the input and output rollers
  • Robust design with little parts

Technical data

Kontizink 50  
Width 130 - 310 mm
Thickness 23 - 60 mm
Cycles 50 1/min
Feeding speed 35 - 160 m/min
Feeding speed
Diameter of finger cutters 350 mm
Diameter of finger cutters

Machine Models


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