Glulam Beams

Glued laminated timber (glulam) is an engineered structural material consisting of a number of graded, kiln dried and selected full length laminations - usually 45mm thick - having their grain essentially parallel and bonded with proven adhesives, to form a solid piece of practically any length, shape and size.
For curved and long beams - HYPERPRESS

Suitable for flexible production of straight elements - FLEXIPRESS

Fully automated loading and unloading of the press - ROTOPRESS
Quicker loading of the press allows a reduction of the glue amount and as a result shorter pressing times.
- Glulam structural beams
Curved beam
- Glued posts
- Glulam beam
- Laminated wood
- Glue-laminated beams
- Tapered beams
- Structural members
- Duo beams
- Trio beams
- Glued trusses
- Decking
- Portals curved
- Straight beam
- Triplex
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