World's biggest log planer

Stupid is the bird, which is ashamed of its nest!

This is an old slovenian proverb. There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed, if your home was made by Honkatalot on their newly delivered Superles 600 planer. With maximal width of 600 mm and maximal thickness of 600 mm, their new planer can machine even the largest log beams in one pass, making it the biggest log beam planer in the world!

Rigid heavy frame, high motor power and strong tooling spindles were the base upon which this advanced solution for adaptable and effective production of log beams for log houses was developed. Extra long vertical spindles have an increased axial adjustment, thus allowing planning of full height or mounting of multiple tools on one spindle. Connected with Ledinek’s tool presetter and Tool Manager software, the switching between different products can be done without stopping the machine. In case a change of tools is needed, the Ledinek Exchangeable Tooling shafts and spindles with fixed bearings allow a fast exchange and minimal retooling time.

We at Ledinek thank to the Vainionpää family for collaboration on the project, and suggest a look to the Polarlifehaus, where you can find excellent examples of world-class design built with world-class technology.