Parquet machines

High quality machines for high quality products

The PA line was developed for production of high quality conventional parquet. High productivity and top quality are their main characteristic.

Extreme accuracy is the most important feature of the machine. A very rigid planer for production of tongue and groove, with fine adjustments of tools and a tenoning machine with extra precise guiding for machining of the ends. Classical in design, building on the firm and proven solutions, just as the products it makes.


  • Complete production line for classical parquet
  • Proven traditional design
  • Precise planer
  • Turning device
  • Accurate tenoning machine

Technical data

Width 35 - 60 mm
Thickness 10 - 26 mm
Input length 200 - 600 mm
Input length
Cycles 40 - 60 1/min
Feeding speed 6 - 30 m/min
Feeding speed

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