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Universal CNC stave jointing machine

CNC-controlled milling unit for the processing of the stave parabola. All settings of the barrel dimensions via touch screen. The width measure and the centering of the staves are done automatically.

Efficient – From data input to production. Everything goes easy and fast.
Flexible – Round, oval or user-defined shape, 200 or 25,000 litres. Everything is possible.
Precise – Angles and curves of the staves as in theory. Everything fits together perfectly.
Technical data
Max. width: input dimension
up to 280 mm
Min. width: output dimension
down to 60 mm
25 – 90 mm
900 – 3.500 mm
Radius of the barrel: middle
240 – 4.500 mm

  • Wide application - large or small barrels: round, oval or any shape*
  • Precise machining of the staves
  • Short machining time: ca. 90 seconds for a stave
  • Automatic width measurement
  • Automated liftgate
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • SIEMENS SINUMERIC 840 Dsl – the newest generation of CNC control unit
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