Another finger jointing line for Finland

At LEDINEK we are proud of another successful project which is currently in its final stage. We talk about the modern finger jointing line which has been manufactured, supplied and installed and put into operation in just two months' time at the Finnish leading manufacturer of roof trusses SEPA OY. In addition to roof trusses they produce some other construction elements, however they manufacture over 200 000 roof trusses anually and their domestic market share is approx. 30%

The new finger jointing line comprises an automatic stacking device, a fast optimizing saw X-CUT S350 and two Eurozink Compact 6-300Kn machines, each with the capability of 6 joints per minute. SEPA OY is with the new line extending and upgrading their technology equipment for faster and more flexible manufacture. With the new equipment they will be able to save material and work.

We wish them a lot of success.

Upgraded LKS saw

Recently, our experts have worked on the LKS saw for cutting of BSH-cut to the final dimensions. They developed a new concept of our LKS saw, which is based on servo drives of the saw and of the feed. The upgraded saw is more flexible, faster and more precise, and fits well in Ledinek's new family of fast production lines. At the end of the year we delivered the first such saw and we expect that the new LKS 1300 will replace the old saw within a short time.

First Plant for Japan

Delegation tested and took over the new finger jointing machine Kontizink M

The Japan's major wood processer Chugoku Lumber from Hyuga has chosen European technology for laminated beam production and ordered from Ledinek the Kontizink M machine, the fastest single piece milling unit currently available on the market.
The takeover and testing have already taken place at the Ledinek factory in Hoče and the machine met the customer’s high expectations.

Glulam plant in China put into commission

After a successfully completed testing period in mid-October, the Ledinek company handed over to the Chinese customer the manufacturing plant for glue lam beams. This is one of the first plants of that kind in China and thus very important for the Province of Shandong. Many filed experts, and the government representatives of the Province have already visited the factory, and the local media publicly presented the project. We wish Lvjia a lot of success with their new investment.

Ledinek returns to the major domestic fair in Celje

The 48th International Trade and Business Fair was an opportunity to present our latest technologies and to consolidate the recognition of the company with domestic professional public.
The Eurozink Compact machine attracted a lot of attention after all it was among the biggest machines exhibited. The visitors were also very interested in our finger-jointing technology and it was not surprising that wood industry in Slovenia was one of the main topics at this year's fair.
We would like to thank Minister of Economy, Mr. Zdravko Počivalšek and the Minister of Defence, Mrs. Andreja Katič for having visited us on our booth as well as we wish to thank all our guests and other visitors among whom were some of our early cutomers for their visit.

The first Multiplan for a major Swedish supplier in wood business

Ledinek assembly team is currently putting into operation a multi-performance planer Multiplan at the Swedish manufacturer of sawn and planed wooden products Derome AB. The company belongs to the Derome Group, a Sweden's largest family-owned timber business since 1946. As they say themselves, wood is 'the green link' in their business, turning forest into a wide selection of wood products including construction components for houses and environmentally friendly bioenergy. Above all, the Multiplan machine features highly efficient and flexible manufacture of products with excellent surface finish, fast dimension set-up and quick and simple retooling. We wish to thank Derome AB for showing their trust in Ledinek and wish them a lot of success with their new machine.

Finger jointing line also for Turkey

Ledinek has recently delivered, installed and put into operation the first finger-jointing line in Turkey. The buyer, the Akdeniz company, who is a renowned manufacturer of various solid wood products, has already started the production in his headquarters in Antalya on the X-CUT machine for cutting out wood defects and the finger-jointing machine Eurozink Compact 4-240kN.
We wish them a lot of success with their new investment and look forward to possible further successful co-operation.

Commissioning in South Africa

After successful installation and putting into operation, the commissioning of a finger-jointing line with a brand new Kontizink M machine and a planing line with two fast planers type Stratoplan was carried out as scheduled at the end of May at Merensky Timber Ltd.
The customer has already started with the production, which will be gradually optimized with the support from our experts. We wish Merensky a lot of success with their new investment.
Ledinek at Ligna since 1977

"We are proud of the road traveled, the progress and achievements that we have won over a period of 38 years since the company Ledinek has been taking part at Ligna in Hanover. At the beginning, we had a much smaller exhibition space, with only two people who were merely observers of the show. However, two years later, we came again and after two years again and first visitors came from whom some actually became our customers. Today, our sales team represents our innovative achievements in the area of almost 400 m² in the company of the best in the world." With these words, owner and director Pavel Ledinek addressed many guests gathered at the traditional Slovenian evening, after they had been officially welcomed by his son Gregor. They both received great applause. On behalf of the entire Ledinek team, we would like to thank all partners and other guests for having visited our booth and for showing trust in us. We also wish to thank all employees at home for their efforts, which have enabled a successful presentation at Ligna 2015.

The Latvian company Cross Timber Systems recently built the first cross-laminated timber (CLT) material production plant in Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
The plant in Jelgava offers more than 8.000 m² production area and warehouse facilities for which Ledinek supplied and put into operation the innovative state-of- the -art CLT production technology equipment.
The annual production capacity of the plant is 25.000 m³ with maximum capacity up to 30.000 m³ of CLT products. Maximum size of CLT elements is 3,2 x 14 x 0,4 m.
Cross Timber has already started the production and according to their words the first panel exceeded their initial expectations (more).

We wish to Cross Timber Systems a lot of success with their new equipment.

Delivery of the containers for South Africa

In the first month of the New Year Ledinek is finishing the delivery of machinery and equipment for the finger jointing line for the Merensky project in South Africa. First containers arrived from the Port of Koper via Italy and Portugal in the port of Durban already at the end of last year when the firs Ledinek team began unloading the containers and started the preparations for mechanical assembly which is currently ongoing. However, South Africa is not a completely new market for Ledinek, since a couple of individual machines were exported to this country some years ago.

We wish our mechanics successful execution of the installation work in the southern hemisphere.
Exhibitions in Minsk, Kiev and Moscow

We have successfully completed the presentations at the exhibitions in the capitals of White Russia, Ukraine and Russia. The exhibitions in Minsk, Kiev and Moscow are fairs with international participation and are the most important events in the field of woodworking industry in Eastern Europe and CIS.

Lesdrevmash Moscow is confirmed to be Russia's best trade show devoted to the timber industry and woodworking in all nominations – international recognition, professional interest, market coverage and exhibition space. It is also in the top five of the best woodworking trade shows in the world.

Professional shows are aimed at presenting wood processing equipment and woodworking technologies, exchanging of views and information about latest trends and demands in individual fields, as well as they are an excellent opportunity to meet with customers and other partners with whom the Ledinek company already cooperates.

We wish to thank all our customers and other visitors who visited us at the fairs Lisderevmash Kiev, Woodworking Minsk and Lesdrevmash Moscow in 2014.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) presented at this year’s Innovation day, September 17, the national awards for most innovative enterprises and innovators in enterprises and public research institutions for the year 2013.

After having been awarded the Gold Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Styria for the innovation CNC stave jointing machine for the production of precise stave flanks for barrels, the LEDINEK company is proud to announce that we also received for the same innovation the Bronze Award on the national level which is the highest award for innovative achievements of Slovenian enterprises.

The official speakers at the event on Brdo pri Kranju, which was attended by our innovators, were Samo Hribar Milič, President of the CCIS, and Peter Olesen, President of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
Worldwide Interest In Ledinek New Developments - Revived Investments In Timber Industry

Every year in September, the Ledinek company takes part in the biggest event for the woodworking sector in Krasnoyarsk region, the ExpoDrev International Specialized Exhibition which is an opportunity for the forestry equipment manufacturers and suppliers to show the machinery, equipment and tools for forestry, logging, woodworking and furniture industry in the region that is famous for the large reserves of timber. Also this year, the importance of the fair was proved by the participation of all major European suppliers of technologies, equipment and tools for woodworking and furniture industry, as well as some form the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
We spent the time at the fair also for some planned meetings with the investors, with whom we have been preparing the projects for the production of laminated beams (BSH) and cross-laminated construction walls (CLT), and of course to extend our business relations. We accepted the invitation from the University of Krasnoyarsk and presented our technology for the production of laminated curved construction elements. The response was extremely positive.

The potential of Krasnoyarsk region in the development of woodworking industry is huge and represents definitely a big enough challenge for us to increase our marketing activities in this area in the coming years. We believe that our equipment can significantly contribute to the development of the timber industry in this region, so we have already booked the exhibition space for the year 2015.
The fairs Tra&Teknik in Gothenburg and Holzmesse in Klagenfurt have closed the doors. In the company Ledinek we are very satisfied with our presentations and the visit from our old and new customers and partners on our booths.

In Sweden and in Austria, we presented our award-winning X-PRESS and the response we received confirmed once again that the demand for CLT products is increasing. After all, we have already delivered two such presses for cross laminated timber to Finland and one to Latvia and Austria.
The Multiplan machine was introduced for the first time. It was presented in Gothenburg on a large life-size billboard and it certainly attracted the attention of visitors.
The ROTOLES technology was also of great interest and some of these machines are already in operation in Sweden as well as in Austria, not to mention a large number in many other countries all over the world.
In Klagenfurt, two major glue lam manufacturers gave positive opinion as well as confirmation of wood saving up to 5% with our new lamella planing technology which has recently been put into operation at both manufacturers.
We wish to thank our customers for trusting us as well as other visitors for having visited us on our booths.

The Ledinek company has over the past period put a lot of emphasis on the engineering of cooperage equipment which is not a coincidence since barrel making has been a tradition in the Ledinek family for many generations. Today we proudly offer a complete range of equipment for manufacturing of barrels which is based on experience and advanced technology. more...

Accordingly, we have recently delivered, installed and put into operation a croze working machine for one of the major barrel makers in Austria, Binderei Schneckenleitner. This is an automated two-sided machine for crozing of barrel bodies of various volumes. The machine performs the job automatically, faster and better, without an operator.
Binderei Schneckenleitner is a company with a long tradition. The cooperage has been on that location since 1628 and was taken over by family Schneckenleitner in 1880. They produce round and oval barrels in a traditional way to meet the needs of domestic and foreign wineries, their barrels are found also in Slovenian wine cellars.
Binderei Schneckenleitner is not our first time customer. They already have our
CNC stave jointing machine and we wish them a lot of success also with their last investment.

In early July, the Ledinek company delivered another production line for glue-laminated timber, this time for the Russian manufacturer Juta from Nizhny Novgorod. Through the acquisition of new equipment is Juta, who has mainly been engaged in the manufacture of furniture, expanding its activities to the production of structural timber and glue-laminated timber. The entire installation and commissioning of the line will be carried out by the Ledinek experts.
Another award for LEDINEK

In the middle of June the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Styria presented awards for best innovations for the year 2013 in the region of Podravje and our company was awarded with a gold award for the CNC stave jointing machine for the production of precise stave flanks for barrels. Last year LEDINEK’s X-PRESS was awarded by both, the regional and the national Chamber.

Private Enterprise Gorodnik is opening a completely new wood processing mill in the city of Brest in Belarus. Over 40 % of the land is forested and historically wood processing has been one of the major industrial activities of the country.

Last year Gorodnik built a saw mill with a kiln and a planing plant and this year they are building a new glue lam plant for production of glue lam beams, DUO and TRIO beams and solid structural timber of dimensions up to 13 m length, 30 cm width and 60 cm height. The entire equipment for the plant was supplied by LEDINEK and mechanical assembly and electrical installation of the equipment have already been successfully completed. The machinery which fits into the production hall of the surface 90 x 20 meters includes the X-CUT saw for cutting out the irregularities in wood, the finger jointing machine Eurozink Compact 6-240 kN, two planning machines of the type Europlan 300 4V-S80 and Europlan 600 4V+4F-S25, the LKS 600 cross-cut saw and a Gigapress, the vertical press for glue lam beams of working height up to 2 meters. All machines are equipped with the required handling equipment, the production capacity of the plant is 14500 m3 of finished products per year. The automatic line enables the production of length-tailored, finish planed and profiled glue lam beams.
Currently, programming works are being performed on the entire line for which the commissioning and the final acceptance have been planned for the end of June 2014.
of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI)

A group of students of electrical engineering, mechatronics and computer science under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marjan Golob recently visited the Ledinek company. Dr. Ana Rihtar was in charge of the tour and presentation of the products and services, while company owner and manager Pavel Ledinek BSc (ME) revealed the company's vision and discussed the current situation on foreign markets.

Ms. Rihtar addressed the Faculty, encouraging it to implement an in-depth expertise of the Siemens machine control programming as soon as possible, since it is widely used by the manufacturers all around the world. Namely, students barely learn about the program during their studies, so it takes graduates in our company at least three years until they are fully ready to begin programming less complex machines on their own. Each year, we invite students to perform their mandatory internship at Ledinek company, where they can also familiarize themselves with Siemens system programming and at the same time learn about the products and services of the company. It is our pleasure to welcome them and support them during diploma writing as well as offer them a job.
Before leaving, dr. Golob expressed his graditute for a highly interesting and informative visit, knowing that students can acquire real knowledge and expertise only by working in the company.
Ledinek is celebrating

Pavel Ledinek, founder and senior partner of the Ledinek company turned 75 on April 30.
At the ceremony, he told his colleagues, how the company has grown from a small workshop to a world renowned manufacturer of Hi-Tech machinery. After his father’s death, aged only 16, he together with his mother, took over the cooperage, the business which had been in the family for three generations.
As a young engineer Pavel Ledinek himself constructed and manufactured machines, first for barrel makers and later combined planing machines. In the former Yugoslavia, he established the first private factory and today one can find machines and production lines of Ledinek brand all over the world.
He is most proud of the fast planing machines, CNC- glue lam beam presses and CLT presses for wall panels. The patented ROTOLES milling system has long been a specialty that remains in the field of wood and plastics without competition. We wish Pavel Ledinek a lot of success and satisfaction among its employees.
South Africa - Ledinek's fastest finger-jointing line so far

The Merensky Timber Company Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the wood processing industry in South Africa. In the area of 60.000 hectares they grow plantation wood, species PINE and EUCALYPTIUS. With the production in their saw mills (Langeni, Singisi in Weza) they cover about 20% of the total saw mill production in South Africa.

MERENSKY'S last investment includes the purchase of the complete technological equipment for the production of finger-jointed plantation wood which is mainly used in construction.

The new production line consists of Ledinek high-performance machines for pre-planing and planing of wood (type STRATOPLAN with the feed speed of 250 m/min, a finger-jointing line (type KONTIZINK up to 120 pcs/min) all the necessary handling equipment. The technological line also includes the supply of the equipment from the Danish producer System TM (optimization) and the equipment from the MICROTEC company.

KONTIZINK M120 will be the fastest version of a finger-jointed line up to now with the production capacity of 120 pcs/min. The line will be designed to produce vertical finger joints of minimum input lengths of pieces from 300 mm to 3,000 mm.
Several months of active work, convincing results of customer’s wood samples tested on our equipment, visiting the reference plants, custom-tailored technological solutions, qualified staff with all technical support from the LEDINEK company, all contributed to the decision that MERENSKY chose LEDINEK to do the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the entire line.

The delivery of the equipment is planned for the end of this year with the trial run of the line scheduled for March 2015. We wish to both the customer and to the supplier of the equipment a successful implementation of the project.
New Rotopress for Austrian Glulam Manufacturer

End of March a rotational press "Rotopress 1400-18" with corresponding handling equipment was delivered to the company Weinberger Abtenau GmbH in Austria by Ledinek.
The Rotopress allows flexible high-performance production of laminated beams to a height of 140 cm and a length of 18 meters. The Ledinek assembly team has together with the excellent logistics support by Weinberger managed to deliver and transport the housing of the machine with the rotor to its operating place in just one day.
The installation and putting into operation of the entire equipment will be completed in April.
For the company Ledinek this is like a small anniversary since this is already the tenth manufactured Rotopress in ten years.
We wish the company Weinberger successful commissioning of the new equipment.

In February the Ledinek assembly team started with mechanical and electrical works on our first plant for on the Chinese market. the glue lam beam plant was sold through our partner Homag China Golden Field Ltd. to Shandong Greenkerry Wood Co.,Ltd, a major wood products supplier.
The new plant consists of three heavy-duty planing machines type Europlan, a high-tech finger –jointing machine Eurozink and a flexible press for beams Flexipress, all with the required handling equipment.

The first assembly phase is to be finished by mid May when Ledinek programmers will start with first trial runs of individual parts of the line. The final acceptance of the entire plant is scheduled for August which will be followed by a one-year-period of introducing into the new technology supervised by Ledinek experts.

In accordance with the time schedule of the project, a team of Ledinek installers and programmers successfully passed a contractually agreed test of 50% capacity of the glulam beam plant for the world's leading manufacturer of log houses Honka. The test which took place at the end of January was carried out with full visual quality of the joint, which is important for the finished product and the results of the destructive test of glue lines were very good.
Currently, part production with final optimization of the entire line is taking place on the equipment, and the full capacity test of 12 joints per minute is scheduled for the end of March.
We wish to thank the Honka team for excellent cooperation so far and look forward to the successful completion of the project.

In December, a team of engineers and programmers LEDINEK successfully completed the commissioning and handover of the equipment to the customer. Both, the customer and the supplier were satisfied with the results of the production test, where walls of the minimum and maximum dimensions were manufactured. We wish the training center Lappia, where they already started with the trial production, a lot of success and satisfaction with the new press.
New Record Width – Rotoplast 2700 D

Ledinek is the only producer and inventor of the patented ROTOPLAST machines on the planet. The machines are intended for milling and calibrating of large blocks or sheets of plastic up to the width of 2700 mm and the thickness of 3 to 250 mm. A special knife setting system gives perfect machining results leaving the surface shiny and smooth. The Rotoplast is intended for machining of extruded and sintered RAM polymers, PE (polyethylene), UHMW-PE, HMW-PE (polytetrafluoroethylene), PA (polyamide), PP (polypropylene), PVC, PU and other similar materials. Due to its extra dimensions the machine was shipped to the German customer with a special transport.

The world’s leading manufacturer of environment-friendly and energy efficient log frame wood houses will in January 2014 start with the production of glulam beams on their new KONTIZINK finger-jointing line.

Design, manufacture with installation of the equipment on site and putting into operation has HONKA entrusted to the LEDINEK company, whose experts are these days performing final mechanical installation works and some testing start-ups to prepare for the final production.
Since the handshake upon signing the contract in May this year, and to the shipment of the last transport of the equipment to the customer with a total weight of around 200 t in November, LEDINEK has in just six months prepared the complete technical documentation and manufactured all mechanical units and machines including the engineering drawings.

According to the plan, the KONTIZINK line will be reaching 50% of its capacity by mid-January and 100% of its capacity by mid-March next year, which means that the implementation of the project from the first drafts to the final acceptance will take no more than ten months which are the facts indicating that LEDINEK offers perfect technical solutions tailored to customer’s needs.

Moreover, LEDINEK has a competent and qualified staff, who together with the available technical resources are a guarantee for success and a favourable reference which in the wood processing branch is of key importance for a long-term stability and existence on the global market. Nonetheless, HONKA is one of our long-standing business partners who has for several times in the past chosen our equipment.

We wish HONKA a lot of success and satisfaction with the new equipment.
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